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Susan is given a speeding ticket even though she is a federal judge. Which political principle best describes this?
a) Consent of the governed
b) Limited government
c) Rule of law
d) Democracy

Which political principle would best describe the voters elected a senator?
a) Democracy
b) Representative government
c) Consent of the governed
d) Limited government

Which of the following is NOT one of the fundamental political principles?
a) Freedom
b) Democracy
c) Representative government
d) Consent of the governed

The people are the source of any and all governmental power is the definitions for which political princple?
a) Democracy
b) Limited government
c) Rule of law
d) Consent of the governed

Regulations on the amount the government may increase property taxes, would be an example of
a) Limited government
b) Rule of Law
c) Representative government
d) Democracy

A system of government in which people rule describes a
a) Representative government
b) Democracy
c) Limited government
d) Rule of law

What shapes and defines American constitutional government?
a) historical documents
b) U.S. Constitution
c) Preamble
d) fundamental political principles

Which of the following correctly defines democracy?
a) the people are the source of governmental power
b) system of government in which people rule
c) government is not all-powerful
d) system of government in which the people elect officeholders

Who makes laws and conduct government on the people's behalf?
a) public officeholders
b) voters
c) judges
d) citizens

Which of the following is an example of limited government?
a) A public official is arrested for tax evasion
b) Voters go to the polling place to cast their votes
c) The government is not allowed to established an official religion
d) The election of the President and Vice-President

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