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Why is Kansas known as "Bleeding Kansas"?
a) It was the location of the first violence over the issue of slavery
b) It was where John Brown led his raid
c) It was where Dred Scott escaped to be free
d) It was the place where Lincoln was elected

What was the goal of the Republican Party
a) End Slavery
b) Continue Slavery
c) Stop the spread of slavery
d) get Lincoln elected

What did the US Supreme Court say about Dred Scott?
a) All people have the same rights
b) Slaves are property; they are not citizens
c) Slaves have the right to sue for their freedom
d) They did not rule in this case

Where was John Brown's raid
a) Harper's Ferry, Virginia
b) Atlanta, Georgia
c) Ft. Sumter, South Carolina
d) Lincoln, Nebraska

What was the first state to secede?
a) Georgia
b) Kansas
c) North Carolina
d) South Carolina

What party did Abraham Lincoln represent?
a) Free-Soilers
b) Northern Democrats
c) Republicans
d) Constitutional Union Party

Which of the following political parties did not unite to form the Republican Party in 1854?
a) Whigs
b) Free-Soilers
c) Anti-Slavery Democrats
d) Democrats

How did the state of Kansas become a SLAVE state?
a) People voted legally to make it a slave holding state
b) People vote illegally to make it a slave holding state
c) It was above the 36*30' line
d) It was not a slave holding state, it was a free state

Who was John Brown?
a) abolitionist who stole weapons and planned to kill slave owners
b) organized the Underground Railroad
c) wrote The Liberator
d) owned slaves and refused to allow them to be free

What caused South Carolina to secede?
a) The John Brown Raid
b) Dred Scott Decison
c) Lincoln was elected
d) Shots fired at Ft Sumter

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