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The President of the Carolina Panthers is considering bringing in additional investors for the team. This money would be considered:
a) Expenses
b) Policy investment
c) Preferred pricing
d) Revenues

When city/county government raises property taxes charged to property owners, this helps:
a) Increase property owner’s income
b) Increase sponsorship opportunities
c) Secure public financing for city/county ventures.
d) Secure votes for next year’s election

Monies coming into a business are:
a) deposits
b) expenses
c) resources
d) revenues

The sale of food and beverages and luxury boxes at Wrigley Field can increase their:
a) deposits
b) resources
c) expenses
d) revenues

Offering luxury boxes at the RBC Center is one way facility managers can increase:
a) deposits
b) expenses
c) resources
d) revenues

What tax is levied against Nextel Cup racing event tickets?
a) food and beverage
b) hospitality
c) property
d) ticket

Additional sources of revenue for professional teams can come from:
a) expenditures
b) investors
c) player salaries
d) printing expenses

The money generated from the sale of Britney Spears’ t-shirts is:
a) credit
b) expenditure
c) revenue
d) sponsorship

The pre-game football toss that involves fans from the stands is known as a(n):
a) Auxiliary event
b) Property event.
c) Secondary event
d) Tertiary event.

An avenue for securing financing through public avenues is:
a) Charitable activities.
b) Community outreach.
c) Licensed athletic apparel.
d) Municipal bonds.

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