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The Bank of America Stadium must project their expected revenue from tickets, advertising, food and beverages for the next five years. They are estimating one part of their:
a) budget
b) event
c) prize
d) tax

Fans arriving prior to a Charlotte Knights baseball game enjoyed a carnival with amusement rides and family-oriented activities. This pre-event activity is part of:
a) Financial resources
b) Municipal bonds
c) Primary events.
d) Secondary events.

Raycom Sports pays money to broadcast the Charlotte Eagles soccer game. The money paid to the Charlotte Eagles for the official broadcasting rights is part of:
a) deposits
b) expenses
c) resources
d) revenues

Jack and Diane pay a fee for lifetime ticket rights for the Carolina Panthers. This sale of tickets is called a:
a) FBT
b) PPT
c) PSL
d) TLC

Your family plans to attend a Charlotte Checkers Hockey game. Before the game there is a concert showcasing North Carolina bands. What type of event is this?
a) metropolitan
b) municipal
c) seconday
d) primary

For business owners to be successful they must constantly review and revise their revenues and expenses. This information would be found in the businesses:
a) budget
b) portfolio
c) W-2
d) W-4

When you purchase tickets to see a concert, you might pay a ticket tax. What may be the reason for this tax being levied?
a) Advertising the event
b) Improving facilities
c) Promoting merchandise sales
d) Securing broadcasting rights

The Washington Redskins play the Carolina Panthers at the Bank of America Stadium. Individual ticket sales and television revenue is:
a) Given to the Redskins.
b) Maintained by Bank of America.
c) Retained by the Panthers
d) Split between the two teams.

Projections such as ticket sales, sponsorships, and silent investors, would be included as the company’s:
a) Allotments
b) Expenditures.
c) Personal property.
d) Revenues

The sales of official merchandise would bring additional needed funding for a team. This type of income is referred to as a(n):
a) allotment
b) expenditure
c) expenses
d) revenue

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