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What is free fall?
a) an object that is free to fall
b) an object that experiences air friction as it falls
c) an object the experiences NO air friction as it falls
d) a famous song by Tom Petty

The acceleration due to gravity has a limit of ......
a) 9.8 N/kg on earth
b) 9.8 N/kg on the moon
c) zero
d) 98 N

When an large semi truck collides with a mini cooper what will happen?
a) the mini cooper will bounce backward because it is of smaller mass than the truck
b) the semi truck will bounce back with the same force as the mini cooper
c) there will be more damage to the semi truck
d) there will not be any significant reaction

When I kick a soccer ball, Newton's 3rd law says my foot against the ball is the action force..... What is the reaction force?
a) the ball flying off to the left
b) the ball flying off to the right
c) the ball against my foot
d) my shoe against my sock

Free fall occurs where
a) there is no air friction.
b) there is plenty of air and air friction.
c) there is enough gravity to overcome weight.
d) there is air pressure.

Is inertia a force?
a) yes, it is a force like friction that slows motion
b) yes, it is a force that speeds up over time
c) no, inertia is a property of matter
d) no, inertia is a factor of gravity

Newton's law #2 states that
a) The less mass an object has, the more force it takes to make it accelerate
b) The more mass an object has, the more force it takes to make it accelerate
c) The more mass an object has, the easier it is to accelerate
d) Mass is related to force by gravity

For every action there is an ..........
a) equal and opposite reaction
b) equal and direct reaction
c) action that remains unchanged
d) unbalanced force acting upon it.

Which can exert a force of gravity on you ....
a) Your best friend
b) an ipod
c) The earth
d) magnets

Orbital motion is a result of
a) gravity
b) weight
c) acceleration
d) the sun

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