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He usually ______ a suit but today is casual Friday so he _______ a polo shirt and jeans.
a) wears / is wearing
b) is wearing / wears
c) wears / wears
d) is wearing / is wearing

I never ______ during the week. I'm always so busy.
a) relax
b) relaxes
c) relaxing
d) am relaxing

Where _______ all dressed up like that?
a) are you going
b) you are going
c) do you go
d) you go

You have to take your umbrella because it _______ a lot.
a) is raining
b) raining
c) rain
d) rains

Jenny can't answer the phone because she ______ a shower.
a) is taking
b) takes
c) take
d) taking

Susan and John _______ golf every Saturday.
a) play
b) plays
c) is playing
d) are playing

I _______ lasagna for dinner tonight.
a) am making
b) make
c) makes
d) making

I always _______ the bus to work, but today I ______ a taxi because I am really late.
a) take / am taking
b) am taking / take
c) take / take
d) am taking / am taking

Mario is a bank manager. He ______ in a bank downtown.
a) works
b) is working
c) working
d) work

My apartment is being restored so this week I _______ in my sister's house.
a) am living
b) living
c) lives
d) live

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