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How much of our body is water?
a) about 10%
b) about 95%
c) about 70%
d) about 25%

What does biotic mean?
a) ancient
b) dead
c) moveable
d) living

Choose the group that has only biotic things in the group.
a) rocks, grass, fish, air
b) birds, water, cows, fish
c) rocks, wind, air, sunlight
d) grass, birds, trees, horses

What does abiotic mean?
a) living
b) not living
c) can decompose
d) can move

Choose the group that contains only abiotic things.
a) rocks, water, air, sunlight
b) fish, water, sunlight, mice
c) air, birds, sunlight, worms
d) water, fish, clams, plankton

All organic molecules contain __________.
a) water
b) nitrogen
c) oxygen
d) carbon

Soil in the tropical rain forest is ___________.
a) very rich in nutrients.
b) very poor in nutrients.
c) very heavy,
d) Very thick.

Choose the group that includes important abiotic factors of marine ecosystems
a) fish, algae, sunliht, depth
b) depth, salinity, sunlight, temperature.
c) algae, salinity, sunlight, depth
d) algae, fish, plankton, shrimpN

Name the basic needs of all living things.
a) air, food, water, shelter
b) food, clothing, water, shelter
c) food, soil, water, air
d) air, food, sunlight, water

What are all living things made of?
a) air
b) cells
c) muscles
d) organs

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