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Bob completed a survey about sports clothing. This is an example of a:
a) Gathering.
b) Focus group
c) Personal observation
d) Questionnaire

A group of people representative of the population is a:
a) focus group
b) panel
c) sample
d) siminar

What kind of research is used when the purpose is to gather information about the target market?
a) casual
b) descriptive
c) exploratory
d) expository

When wording a questionnaire you should:
a) Ask several questions per statement
b) Be ambiguous.
c) Use laymen’s terms
d) Use technical jargon.

Closed-ended questions can be answered with:
a) A rating scale
b) “Yes” or “No”.
c) An essay.
d) Complete sentences

A findings report includes a(n):
a) Chart, table, or graph
b) Executive summary
c) Memorandums
d) Telephone log.

The first page of a findings report is the:
a) Acknowledgement.
b) Introduction.
c) Table of contents.
d) Title page.

Questionnaires should be:
a) Long and thorough
b) Only 1 or 2 questions
c) Simple and easy
d) Time-consuming and detailed.

Two different methods of collecting data are:
a) Primary and efficient
b) Primary and quarterly
c) Primary and secondary
d) Primary and significant

A findings report should include
a) Competitors.
b) History
c) Recommendations.
d) Solutions

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