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If a force has a negative value, such as 100 N -, that means the force
a) is less than 100 N in strength
b) the force is 100 N in a direction opposite of 100 N +
c) is a normal force
d) is between 0 and 100 N

Which of the following is a vector:
a) 100 N
b) 500 km/hr
c) 250 km/sec northeast
d) 10 miles/hour

Which has more mass, a 10 N object on the earth or the moon?
a) mass is the same in each place because mass never changes
b) 10 N on the moon
c) 10 N on the earth
d) none of these is correct

Newton's 1st Law is called the Law of .....
a) Inertia
b) Action/Reaction
c) Force
d) Acceleration

Newton's 1st law states that objects at rest will
a) continue in motion unless acted upon by an outside or unbalanced force
b) remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside or unbalanced force
c) need more force to accelerate
d) continue to rest unless an equal and opposite force is applied

F = m x a is which of Newon's Laws?
a) Newton's First Law
b) Newton's Second Law
c) Newton's Third Law
d) Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation

The universal law of gravitation states that gravity depends on ......
a) mass and time
b) mass and distance
c) distance and weight
d) weight and time

Orbital motion is caused by the force of .....
a) friction
b) inertia
c) gravity
d) weight

The more mass an object has the greater the ..........
a) gravity
b) inertia
c) acceleration
d) magnitude

If mass is increased it takes more ______ to make an object accelerate.
a) force
b) weight
c) speed
d) time

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