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What federal legislation dictates that universities are required to provide equal opportunities for both men and women’s sports?
a) L-75
b) R-85
c) Title IV
d) Title V

If a university has a men’s soccer team, they must provide an equal sport for women to participate. This legislation is called:
a) L-75
b) R-85
c) Title IV
d) Title V

Federal legislation to protect industries from having one competitor that discourages competition within the industry is called the:
a) Corporate Infringement Act.
b) Sherman Antitrust Act
c) Rivalry Agreement
d) Title IX Agreement

Who sets standards to protect employees from being injured on the job?
a) Federal Trade and Protection Commission
b) Occupational Safety and Health Administration
c) Protection Administration
d) Worker’s Regulatory Commission

Billions of dollars of non-licensed merchandise is sold. This may result in:
a) A need to create a new logo.
b) An increase in copyrighting
c) Higher prices for registered merchandise
d) Less non-licensed merchandise being sold

James Taylor’s song Carolina in my Mind is copyrighted so ownership is:
a) Justified.
b) Limited
c) Reserved
d) Retained

How a person writes their name, or a symbol representing a product, is called a:
a) Collaboration
b) Registration
c) Trademark
d) Work

If Mark wants to protect a website design or composition he wrote, he would obtain a:
a) Copyright
b) Design logo.
c) Name restriction
d) Permission release

Intellectual property is a person’s:
a) Appearance
b) College education.
c) Public perception
d) Thoughts or creations

Trademark infringement is using a trademark
a) With authorization
b) With legal protection
c) Without authorization
d) Without legal protection

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