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Casey Martin, who is disabled, asked the Professional Golf Association if he could ride in a golf cart instead of walking of the course. This is an issue dealing with the:
a) Americans with Disabilities Act.
b) Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act.
c) Sherman Antitrust Act.
d) Title IX Act

Why would someone want to own his or her own logo?
a) They can license others to use their logo to sell merchandise.
b) They can write off deductions on their tax return.
c) This encourages trademark infringement
d) This will allow others to be able to freely use it.

Safe lifting techniques for moving heavy objects such as sporting equipment is a standard to protect employees from being injured on the job. What administration sets this standard
a) Department of Labor
b) Department of Transportation
c) Occupational Safety and Health
d) World Health Organization

Trademarks and service marks are granted protection through the:
a) Lanham Trademark Act
b) Sherman Antitrust Act
c) United States Commerce Office.
d) United States Patent and Trademark Office

Using another company’s trademark without their permission is wrong because:
a) It does not require retaining legal council or advice.
b) It helps the company make more money
c) It is a potential loss of revenue for the originator’s company
d) It reduces prices

Regulating safety and health standards for businesses which protects employees is governed by the:
a) Fair Labor Act.
b) Family and Medical Leave Administration
c) Occupational Safety and Health Administration
d) Worker’s Compensation Plan

A university that has a baseball team must have a softball team. The legislation that required universities to provide equal opportunities for both men and women is:
a) Americans with Disabilities Act
b) Lanham Trademark Act
c) Sherman Antitrust Act.
d) Title IX.

There is a new piece of sports equipment Evie has considered creating and possibly selling. This type of property is considered:
a) Grapevine
b) Intellectual
c) Sensible
d) Smart.

If Mark wants to protect the information he wrote in a book, or a photograph he took, he would obtain a:
a) Copyright
b) Design logo
c) Name restriction.
d) Permission release

The symbol the National Hockey League uses to represent itself as an organization is referred to as a:
a) Certification mark
b) Collective mark
c) Product mark
d) Service mark

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