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Which factor best explains why some people will react differently than others to the same dose of an antibiotic?
a) high potency
b) low concentration
c) individual exposure
d) individual susceptibility

If a farmer decides to have a pesticide-free farm, which is most likely the result of this choice?
a) The farmer’s crops will yield more than if pesticides had been applied.
b) The farmer’s crops will yield the same amount whether or not pesticides have been applied.
c) Insects eat more of the farmer’s crops, causing lower harvest than if pesticides had been applied.
d) Insects eat less of the farmer’s crops, causing a higher harvest than if pesticides had been applied

Which is the best evidence that two continents were once connected?
a) They have similar types of rocks and fossils.
b) They are in the same stage of succession.
c) They exist along the same line of latitude.
d) They have the same climate.

What does a scientist most likely consider when studying the relative ages of rock layers in a canyon wall?
a) chemical weathering
b) current climate
c) amount of daily rainfall
d) Law of Superposition

Which can most likely be concluded about the top layer of rock seen in an undisturbed cliff wall?
a) The top layer is older than layers located farther down the cliff.
b) The top layer is younger than layers located farther down the cliff.
c) The top layer contains more fossils than layers located farther down the cliff.
d) The top layer contains fewer fossils than layers located farther down the cliff.

Based on the Law of Superposition, what can be concluded about fossils?
a) Fossils give clues about past climate patterns.
b) Fossils form from the hard parts of organisms.
c) The oldest fossils are found in the lowest rock layers.
d) The most recent fossils were advanced organisms.

Which statement best describes influenza?
a) Influenza causes most forms of lung cancer.
b) Influenza is caused by poor hygiene.
c) Influenza is cured with antibiotics.
d) Influenza is highly contagious.

Which process best explains how mountain ranges are worn down over time?
a) asteroid impacts
b) volcanic eruptions
c) mechanical and chemical weathering
d) continental drift and seafloor spreading

Which organelle stores genetic information?
a) flagellum
b) nucleus
c) mitochondrion
d) vacuole

What is the energy source that an animal cell needs to carry out life processes?
a) water stored in vacuoles
b) proteins built in ribosomes
c) light absorbed by chloroplasts
d) sugar broken down in mitochondria

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