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Recognizing the difference between right and wrong, then choosing what is right defines:
a) Business.
b) Community relations
c) Ethics.
d) Management.

Organizations must be without blame and hold themselves to high standards when:
a) Dealing with the public
b) Placing purchase orders
c) Selecting distribution channels
d) Shipping merchandise

What guides how an organization behaves in relationships with others?
a) Ethics
b) Public perception
c) Responsibility
d) Social outings

What dictates that corporations must be responsible members of society?
a) Distribution channels
b) Marketing Information Management
c) Social outings
d) Social responsibility

Companies need to be active, positive members of:
a) Student debates
b) The community
c) Their competitors
d) Unethical behavior

How an organization behaves in relationships with others is:
a) Ethics
b) Objective
c) Public knowledge
d) Standard

Social responsibility dictates that corporations must be:
a) Both ethical and unethical
b) Members of local political organizations
c) Profitable.
d) Responsible members of society

Where would Tina find regulations regarding co-worker interactions?
a) Board of Directors’ handbook
b) Code of conduct
c) Code of perception
d) Customer relations’ handbook

The reason the National Hockey League established a code of conduct was to improve:
a) Employee morale and profit.
b) Public perception and business operations
c) Quality of products
d) Stock prices

When companies are active, positive members of the community, they are:
a) Better than their competitors.
b) Perceived as having the worst products.
c) Protected from lawsuits within a company
d) Considered to be socially responsible.

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