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Acceleration can change in each of the following ways EXCEPT:
a) speed up
b) slow down
c) maintain constant speed
d) change direction

Acceleration has the units ....
a) meters per second squared (m/s2)
b) meters per second (m/s)
c) meters per direction
d) meters squared per second (m2/s)

Acceleration is best described as ...
a) speed
b) rate of change in direction
c) The change in velocity over a period of time
d) speed with direction

When the net force on an object is equal to zero, the object is ...
a) in an unbalanced state
b) in equilibrium
c) in constant acceleration
d) in a state of rest

The slope of a line in a position-time graph is ....
a) speed
b) acceleration
c) deceleration
d) always positive

When the slope of a line is zero on a p-t graph ......
a) the speed of the object is increasing
b) the object is at rest
c) the speed of the object is decreasing
d) there is a positive slope of at least 1

The slope of a line on a speed or velocity- time graph is .....
a) speed
b) zero
c) negative
d) acceleration (increasing speed)

On a v-t graph a negative slope indicates
a) deceleration (decreasing speed)
b) acceleration (increasing speed)
c) constant speed
d) zero (at rest)

A straight horizontal line on a V-T graph indicates .....
a) constant speed
b) acceleration (increasing speed)
c) deceleration (decreasing speed)
d) change in speed

A positively sloped line on a V-T graph indicates...
a) deceleration (decreasing speed)
b) acceleration (increasing speed)
c) constant speed
d) resting speed

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