Chapter 13 And 14 EOC Question Preview (ID: 636)

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What is a free body diagram?
a) A diagram that connects all the forces due to gravity
b) A diagram that shows all the forces acting on an object
c) A diagram that shows how inertia affects movement
d) A diagram that shows the effect of velocity on an object

If there is a change in motion of an object then the forces are said to be ,,,,,,
a) in equilibrium
b) balanced
c) equal
d) unbalanced

The force that opposses normal force is .......
a) inertia
b) gravity
c) friction
d) compression

The formula used to calculate weight is?
a) weight = mass x gravity
b) weight = gravity / mass
c) weight = mass / gravity
d) weight = gravity x distance

Net force is ........
a) zero
b) balanced when moving
c) the sum of all forces acting on an object
d) the interaction of all forces

The net force is 0 only at ....
a) equilibrium
b) the origin
c) the point where friction and gravity are equal
d) the point where gravity is negligible

Which is an example of INCREASING friction?
a) lubricant
b) separating two objects
c) tread on a tire
d) decreasing pressure between two surface areas

If there is a net force of 10 N an objects motion will .....
a) move 10 N -
b) move 10 N
c) not change motion
d) stay at equilibrium

What are the units for force?
a) kg
b) pounds
c) meters
d) newtons

Which has more weight, an apple on the moon or on the earth
a) apple on the earth
b) apple on the moon
c) weight is the same on both the earth and moon
d) weight does not change

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