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Weight is dependent on these two things .....
a) distance and mass
b) mass and time
c) mass and the strength of gravity
d) gravity only

This force opposes weight ........
a) tension force
b) normal force
c) compression force
d) friction force

How can we calculate the speed of an object that moves 5 kilometers in 2 hours.
a) divide distance by time
b) divide the time by distance
c) multiply time and distance
d) add distance and time

A train is moving southwest at 65 km/hour. If it travels for 5 hours, how far will it go?
a) 3.25 km/hr
b) 3.25 km
c) 325 km
d) 13 km

If the same train is moving at 50 km/hour in the same southwest direction, what is its velocity?
a) 50 km/hour
b) 50 km southwest
c) 50 km/hour southwest
d) 50 km

A book on a table is subject to a least three forces. They are
a) tension, static friction, and gravity
b) gravity, static friction, and normal force
c) gravity, normal force, and tension
d) gravity, normal force, and air friction

Velocity is ........
a) speed
b) average speed with position
c) speed with direction
d) a force

Gravitation force depends on .....
a) distance and time
b) mass and distance
c) weight and mass
d) mass only

A vector is
a) magnitude with direction
b) direction only
c) magnitude only
d) distance and magnitude

Which of the following is not a force
a) compression
b) friction
c) inertia
d) gravity

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