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What are words that are made up of two smaller words joined together
a) homographs
b) homophones
c) irregular verbs
d) compound words

Peer pressure means
a) The pressure you get from your parents
b) The pressure you from your neighbors
c) the pressure you get from your friends
d) the pressure you get from your teachers

What is the most likely reasons teens do dangerous things
a) to fit in
b) they like dangerous things
c) they don\'t care
d) they want to get hurt

This word means to need something
a) constant
b) participate
c) resources
d) require

This word means between countries
a) produce
b) economy
c) authority
d) international

To persuade someone to do something or agree to something means to
a) convince
b) pressure
c) benefit
d) participate

Things you need to do something are
a) authority
b) resources
c) participate
d) pressure

Words that come at the beginning of a sentence and are separated by a comma are
a) irregular verbs
b) verbs
c) homophones
d) introductory words

board and bored are examples of
a) nouns
b) compound words
c) homophones
d) irregular verbs

to gain something is a
a) benefit
b) image
c) appreciate
d) resource

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