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What is farsightedness?
a) you can see nearby objects clearly
b) you can see distant objects clearly
c) you can see objects far away and nearby clearly
d) you can not see objects far away or nearby clearly

In order for a nerve impulse to pass from an axon tip to the next structure, it must cross a space called a
a) cochlea
b) hammer
c) synapse
d) nerve

What are the bones of the ear?
a) hammer, anvil, & stirrup
b) sternum , ribs, & scapula
c) tibia, fibula, & carpals
d) radius, ulna, & phalanges

What is nearsightedness?
a) you can see distant objects clearly
b) you can not see close up or far away
c) you can see nearby objects clearly
d) you can see nearby objects and distant objects clearly

An automatic response of the body that occurs very rapidly
a) stimulant
b) interneuron
c) reflex
d) reaction

The thick column of nerve tissue that links the brain to most of the nerves in the peripheral nervous system is
a) brain
b) spinal cord
c) cerebellum
d) cornea

What neuron picks up stimuli from the external or internal environment and convert those stimuli to nerve impulse?
a) sensory
b) motor
c) interneurons
d) dendrites

The different parts of an neuron include
a) dendrites, axon, & cilia
b) hemoglobin, cilia, & cell body
c) dendrites, axon, cell body, & axon tips
d) none of the above

What part of the central nervous system controls most of the body functions?
a) spinal cord
b) neurons
c) brain

The three regions of the brain include the cerebrum, cerebellum, and
a) senses
b) brain stem
c) spinal cord
d) retina

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