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What word describes someone who has much knowledge/expert on the topic
a) authority
b) international
c) principle
d) pressure

This word describes how others see you
a) appreciate
b) image
c) constant
d) self esteem

This word means steady, all the time
a) rebel
b) border
c) constant
d) labor

This word means unpleasant, bad
a) homophone
b) negative
c) irregular
d) reform

This word describes the feeling of something heavy weighing on your shoulders
a) pressure
b) economy
c) benefit
d) deprive

This word means to feel thankful/grateful
a) authority
b) resources
c) require
d) appreciate

This word means to do an activity
a) convince
b) rebel
c) reform
d) participate

This wod means to act out or go against
a) constant
b) participate
c) rebel
d) economy

These words sound the same but have different meanings
a) principle
b) homophones
c) irregular verbs
d) alliteration

These verbs are not made past tense by adding ed
a) synonyms
b) homographs
c) irreguar verbs
d) adjectives

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