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A force is ....
a) a change in speed and/or direction
b) a push/pull or anything that causes a change in motion
c) anything that is balanced in motion
d) a property of matter that causes things to resist a change in motion

What is friction?
a) A force that slows motion
b) A property of matter that slows motion
c) A force applied along a rope
d) When two objects interact with each other

Which of the following is NOT a type of friction
a) sliding
b) rolling
c) inertia
d) static

Friction is caused when ......
a) two surface areas come into contact
b) two surface areas DO NOT come into contact
c) gravity force is felt by an object
d) there is a lubricant on the surface of an object

Which will reduce friction force?
a) Create more pressure between two surfaces
b) Create more "hills and valleys" or point of contact between two surfaces
c) Make sure that there are plenty of places for two surfaces to make contact
d) Rubbing a lubricant between two surfaces

Viscous friction is friction in the ____________, and with air friction ___________ is NOT possible.
a) air, free fall
b) water, free fall
c) rope, acceleration
d) water, acceleration

The force that allows objects to orbit around a massive object is called
a) normal
b) friction
c) gravity
d) compression

This measurement will change as you move from one gravitational strength to another
a) force
b) speed
c) mass
d) weight

The strength of gravity on earth is .....
a) 9.8 N/kg
b) 9.8 km/hour
c) 9.88888 N/hour
d) 98 N/kg

The ___________ of an object will never change.
a) weight
b) mass
c) gravity
d) shape

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