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78% of the air consists of
a) Nitrogen gas
b) Oxygen gas
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Dust

a) break down molecules in dead organisms
b) create gases in the atmosphere
c) smell good
d) regenerate

a) are changed into nitrogen gas by bacteria
b) are changed into nitrogen gas by the nucleus
c) are changed into nitrogen gas by cells
d) are changed into nitrogen gas by the sun

Carbon in dead organisms decomposes and turns into
a) fossil fuels
b) carbon dioxide
c) nitrogen
d) oxygen

On major reservoir of carbon dioxide is the
a) ocean
b) grass
c) mountains
d) puddles

_______ is where plants turn carbon dioxide into energy rich carbon
a) Photosynthesis
b) Maturation
c) Regeneration
d) Global warming

The main energy sournce of the water cycle comes from the
a) sun
b) earth
c) water
d) air

Plants give off water into the atmosphere by the process called
a) transpiration
b) transformation
c) dialation
d) reflection

The processes of the water cycle are a _________ change
a) physical
b) chemical
c) mixed
d) reactive

Plants _____ the nitrates
a) use
b) release
c) mix
d) form

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