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Not important
a) trivial
b) theory
c) memorabilia
d) intuition

Opposite is the same as
a) resolution
b) hypothesis
c) reminisce
d) antithesis

intuition is
a) truthfulness
b) impression
c) suggestion
d) examinaton

a thesis is a
a) fact
b) comlaint
c) main idea
d) character

Opposite of sythesize
a) blend
b) take apart
c) put together
d) organize

commemorate is to
a) forget
b) honor
c) criticize
d) order

Opposite of implied
a) suggested
b) stated directly
c) included
d) ordered

assumption means
a) certainty
b) guess
c) surprise
d) assistance

anecdote is
a) relative
b) a joke
c) a brief story
d) an announcement

the opposite of invaluable is
a) worthless
b) very valuable
c) expensive
d) useful

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