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What is the name of the national legislative branch?
a) Congress
b) General Assembly
c) Courts
d) Blah

What is the name of the state legislative branch?
a) Congress
b) General Assembly
c) courts
d) blah

What are the houses in congress called?
a) House of Representatives and Senate
b) Senate and House of Delegates
c) House of Burgess and Senate
d) House of Senate and Reps.

All of the following are powers of the legislative branch EXCEPT:
a) Make Laws
b) approves budget
c) confirms presidential appointments
d) executes the law

Congress declares war.
a) True
b) False
c) ...
d) ...

What houses are in the general assembly?
a) House of Delegates
b) Senate
c) Both
d) ...

Which of the following are issues in the legislative process at the state level?
a) Education
b) Environment
c) State Budget
d) All

The legislative branch collects taxes.
a) True
b) False
c) ..
d) ..

The General Assembly and Congress main function is to?
a) Write songs
b) Decalre War
c) Make laws
d) none

The head of the schools in a county is called a what?
a) School Team
b) School Supervisors
c) School Board
d) None

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