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A car traveling at a constant speed and making a right hand turn also changes
a) speed
b) weight
c) inertia
d) velocity

The position of an object in motion is best described by
a) speed and direction
b) average speed of travel
c) reference point and direction
d) position, average speed, time

If you know the speed and the direction an object is traveling then you know its
a) acceleration
b) deceleration
c) velocity
d) average speed

Which of the following states the best type of reference point?
a) An object that is not moving
b) all objects are good reference points
c) An object that is similar to all objects around it
d) An object that is moving

A car travels 250 kilometers in 5 minutes. How fast is the car moving?
a) 15 km/min
b) 45 km/min
c) 45 km/hour
d) 50 km/min

What is the formula for speed
a) speed = distance/time
b) speed = distance x time
c) speed = time/distance

What is average speed?
a) velocity/time
b) time x distance
c) total distance/total time
d) speed x time

In order to move a box across the carpet you will need to overcome
a) static friction and sliding friction
b) viscous and air friction
c) sliding and rolling friction
d) static friction and gravity

Little red riding hood travels to grandma's house 10 km away. If she travels a rate of 5 km/hour, how long will it take her to get to Grandma\'s?
a) 2 mins
b) 2 hours
c) 50 hours
d) 50 mins

What formula would you use to determine the distance if given time and speed?
a) distance = speed/time
b) distance=speed + time
c) distance = speed x time
d) distance=time/speed

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