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Which of these is not one of Columbus' ships
a) Nina
b) Pinta
c) Queen Isabella
d) Santa Maria

This device helped navigators find magnetic north.
a) Compass
b) Astrolabe
c) Rudder
d) Sails

Which of these is not a major country of explorartion during this time?
a) England
b) Germany
c) Spain
d) Portugal

In Mercantilism, the goal is to sell more than you buy, this selling is better known as...
a) Export
b) Import
c) Transport
d) Report

In Mercantilism, the goal is to _________________ more than you _________________.
a) Import/Export
b) Export/Report
c) Export/Import
d) Import/Transport

The Europeans wanted to create a system to make money of of exploration, so they created...
a) Joint-Stock Companies
b) Colonies
c) Exporting
d) Mercantilism

This is a person who makes maps.
a) Maptographer
b) Cartography
c) Cartographer
d) Maptography

This is the study and science of map making?
a) Maptographer
b) Cartography
c) Cartographer
d) Maptography

This man reached the tip of Africa for Portugal FIRST!
a) Dias
b) Magellan
c) De Gama
d) Columbus

The other principal of Mercantilism, said that to make cheap goods, countries should posses...
a) Joint-Stock
b) Investments
c) Colonies
d) Import/Export

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