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The Europeans could no long go through __________________________ so they had to find a new water route to Asia.
a) The Middle East
b) Europe
c) Africa
d) Turkey

A major reason that exploration began was the need to find a new water route to:
a) Africa
b) North America
c) South America
d) Asia

This man rounded the tip of Africa and found a new water route to Asia?
a) Dias
b) Columbus
c) De Gama
d) Magellan

This type of company was created so that expensive explorations could be funded. It is a system of investing in explorationa nd trade trips.
a) Joint-Stock company
b) Investment company
c) Cottage Company
d) Mercantilism company

THis man, ____________ the Navigator, set up a school for future men who wanted to be explorers!
a) John
b) Henry
c) Mr Drees
d) George

Magellan was killed on his voage around the world, when he stopped in this country?
a) Philippines
b) Tip of Africa
c) Virgin Islands
d) Australia

Columbus, hoping to find a new route to Asia in the East, decided to sail...
a) North
b) East
c) West
d) South

Magellan\'s _______ was the first group of people to sail around the world.
a) Crew
b) Servants
c) Friends
d) Investors

This was one of the major items that Europeans wanted from Asia, it was used in clothing?
a) Spices
b) Cotton
c) Furs
d) Silk

This was an ancient Greek device used to find Latitude.
a) Compass
b) Rudder
c) Astrolabe
d) Protractor

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