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Kellogg’s markets most of its cereals toward children. In this case, the children are the
a) audience
b) entity
c) partners
d) sponsor

The audience benefits from sponsorships through:
a) Evasive advertising
b) Exposure to new products
c) Higher ticket prices
d) Internet pop-ups

The International Olympic Committee is an example of a(n):
a) enent
b) governing body
c) league
d) team

Companies sponsor entities because sponsorships:
a) Decrease market share
b) Decrease expenses
c) Increase competition
d) Increase sales.

The first major league sport sponsored by corporations was the:
a) MLB
b) NBA
c) NFL
d) PGA

The event triangle consists of the:
a) Audience, enterprise, and sponsee
b) Audience, entertainment, and sponsor
c) Audience, entity, and sponsee
d) Audience, entity, and sponsor

Sponsorship involves
a) A marketing exchange
b) An exchange of resources
c) Selecting a distribution channel
d) using a logo

Since the 1970s sponsorship has grown due to:
a) A ban of tobacco and alcohol ads.
b) An increase in the cost of distribution.
c) An increase on the number of pro athletes
d) The number of sports stations.

A marathon is an example of a(n):
a) athlete
b) event
c) league
d) team

The Carolina Panthers are an example of a(n):
a) event
b) govening body
c) league
d) team

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