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Increased sales, enhanced goals and objectives, and maintaining the current customer base are all reasons companies sponsor:
a) consumers
b) groups
c) officials
d) target markets

During which decade was a change in sponsorship due to a ban of tobacco and alcohol ads?
a) 1930s
b) 1950s
c) 1970s
d) 1990s

Powerade is the only sponsor for the 5K Walk/Run for Diabetes in town. Being the only sponsor, Powerade is said to have:
a) Compatability
b) Exclusivity
c) Experience
d) Inclusion

Yoplait Yogurt has exclusivity over the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race. Exclusivity is favorable to Yoplait because it:
a) Eliminates competitors
b) Improves the economy
c) Promotes exchange
d) Raises morale

General Motors Corporation presented the Halftime Report during an NBA game. GMC is the:
a) host
b) official
c) regulator
d) sponsor

State Farm Insurance donated $1,000 to Moe’s Mighty Marvels, a youth basketball league, to provide the team with:
a) Financial assistance
b) Inclusion.
c) Media coverage
d) Publicity.

NASCAR receives money from Nextel in return to be the official sponsor. In this case, NASCAR is the:
a) athlete
b) entity
c) event
d) sponsee

When the Olympics limited the number of official sponsors to 30 and made sure there was only one sponsor in each category it provided
a) Ambiguity
b) Compatibility
c) Exclusivity
d) Liability

A business, person, or organization that finances a sports or entertainment entity is a(n):
a) developer
b) marketer
c) official
d) sponsor

The entity that receives money or products from the sponsor is the
a) bank
b) consumer
c) receiver
d) sponsee

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