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What is topography?
a) the study of where things are located on the Earth
b) the shape and features of the land
c) a tool used to measure wind speed
d) just let me kick the soccer ball...

Which of the following best describes WEATHER?
a) the short term conditions of the atmosphere
b) the long term conditions of the atmosphere
c) this is the wrong answer...
d) the large expanse of air that exists in your head

Which of the following tools is NOT used to monitor changes in weather?
a) thermometers
b) barometers
c) satellites
d) ice cores

Which is the best explanation of why the equator and poles have different climates?
a) the poles receive more direct sunlight
b) the equator receives more direct sunlight
c) the equator has no cloud coverage
d) the poles have no cloud coverage

Which of the following best describes latitude?
a) distance from sea level
b) distance from the equator
c) distance from the prime meridian
d) distance from Mr. Talley's desk

How does the sun cause wind?
a) uneven heating creates convection currents in air
b) by heating water until evaporation releases wind
c) heating the land until soil releases trapped energy
d) the sun doesn't cause wind... I do...

What causes winter for us here in North America?
a) our part of Earth is tilted away from the sun
b) the Earth is farther away from the sun
c) the snow blocks the sun's rays causing winter
d) the clouds block the sun's rays causing winter

Why do coastal cities usually have milder climates than land-locked cities?
a) water changes temperature slower than land
b) land changes temperature slower than water
c) land-locked cities have more wind
d) I like Sobe...

___________ is when the wind causes most of the moisture to fall on one side of the mountains.
a) the coriolis effect
b) the narwhal effect
c) the rain shadow effect
d) the hydrogeological effect

Which of the following Pokemon controls the rain?
a) bulbasaur
b) victini
c) kyogre
d) ponyta

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