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a) a person applying for a job
b) a place where people apply for jobs and present information
c) a person with no background
d) qualifications, achievments, or aspects of a person's background

a) not having a background
b) quality of being trusted and believed in
c) not trusting anyone
d) using your credentials to persuade an employer

a) having no background in one's life
b) not believing in anything
c) belief in something as true
d) belief in something as false

a) tendancy to be too ready to believe that something is real or true
b) not believing something is true
c) going against someone's beliefs
d) the practice of building your background

a) someone's background
b) a sideboard or cupboard
c) a collection of memories using pictures or documents
d) a game using pictures and charades

a) wild, noisy disorder
b) a calm quiet environment
c) a type of person who breaks the law
d) a place where criminals stay for a specific length of time

a) a game about religion
b) the practice of several religions
c) doctrine that identifies with God and the universe
d) a speech about God

a) solution or remedy for any difficulties
b) governed by many people
c) no solution for difficulties
d) a historical land mass from the Ice Age

a) a type of party balloon
b) type of men's knickers in the 1940's
c) women's baggy trousers
d) a loon native to Maine

a) a type of animal native to Florida
b) a pine tree native to the Carolina's
c) a tropical poisonous frog
d) tropical tree or shrub with twisted branches at the stem

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