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What can one conclude about the relationship between Augustus P. Hoadley and his sister Emma?
a) Emma is unhappy her brother volunteered for battle.
b) A.P. wants to impress Emma with his accomplishments.
c) A.P. and Emma often disagree about the war efforts.
d) A.P. and Emma are very affectionate and supportive.

Based on the context in paragraph 3, what does the word “barracks” refer to?
a) a dusty field
b) a place to sleep
c) a type of food
d) a type of camp

What effect is created by the author’s repetition of the words “principle” in paragraph 5?
a) to remind Emma that not all men want to serve their country
b) to express his desire to come home again
c) to remind Emma he sometimes feels homesick and tired
d) to emphasize his feelings about serving in the military

In paragraph 5, what does A.P. mean when he writes “That price wouldn’t hire me to go to war”?
a) A.P. takes his duty to serve his country seriously while others find it a burden.
b) A.P. thinks going to battle is worth more money than the price being offered to some soldiers.
c) A.P. believes that soldiers who are fighting in a battle should be paid more money.
d) A.P. feels betrayed because he is serving his country while others are still at home.

Which sentence best describes how Augustus felt about the war?
a) He was not prepared.
b) He believed in serving his country.
c) He was tired of waiting for battle.
d) He believed he was not well paid.

Which does the author mostly use to develop James Garfield’s character?
a) interesting dialogue
b) information about his educational background
c) description of significant events
d) long quotations

Why was James Garfield’s pronunciation of “Plutarch” significant?
a) It was familiar.
b) It was uncommon.
c) It was historical.
d) It was difficult.

Based on the selection, which does someone need to become a president?
a) maturity
b) occupation
c) experience
d) education

Which does the title refer to as the reason for Jim’s eventual success?
a) a disease
b) a prophecy
c) his mother
d) his books

10. What is the significance of the tone of the selection?
a) The author shows Jim as a person to be admired.
b) The author emphasizes Jim’s wide occupational experience.
c) The author emphasizes Jim’s promise from an early age.
d) The author shows Jim as a person to be imitated.

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