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a) a spore derived from a tulip
b) a large plant native to Maine
c) a large fern spore
d) a large spore from a pine tree

a) a larger than life bear found in Yellow Stone National Park
b) a large stone that forms a prehistoric monument
c) a large building in New York City
d) a large mammal

a) unit of explosive power
b) unit of measure for calculating the height of large buildings
c) unit for measuring science experiments
d) unit for measuring large blood cells

a) a rocket used in Hollywood
b) an old rocket found in a museum
c) large rocket on an airplane to speed it up for take off
d) small rocket on a spacecraft to help slow an aircraft before landing

a) a virus that kills off your white blood cells
b) a virus from the past that no longer exists
c) a virus that inserts DNA into a host cell to replicate (multipy)
d) a virus that is good for your body and helps your brain

a) taking effect from a date in the past
b) taking place during the past
c) being athletic in the 1960\'s
d) taking place in the future

a) to project under
b) to project backward
c) to project forward
d) to project through

a) fitting into something that is way too small
b) a historical dress
c) a time in history that involved women\'s fashion
d) to add something that wasn\'t done during manufacturing in the factory

a) being agressive toward others
b) going back in time to solve a problem
c) process of returning to an earlier state
d) process of traveling into the future

a) a large funnel shaped device for amplifying voice (making it louder)
b) a large funnel shaped device for lowering the voice
c) a funnel shaped device that helps people hear clearly
d) a funnel shaped device that acts as a telephone

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