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a) small rocket engine used to freeze the craft
b) small rocket engine used to make a craft speed
c) small rocket engine used to slow craft down
d) an alien ship

a) review of a past course events or period of time
b) review of a future course events or period of time
c) study of old music
d) have great respect of history

a) no effect at all
b) taking effect from a date in the past
c) taking effect from a date of the fure
d) taking effect in present day

a) a type of music from the 1960's
b) studying the past
c) returning to an earlier state which is usually negative
d) returning to an earlie state which is usually positive

a) a virus that implants DNA into a host to replicate itself
b) a virus that kills the bodies cells
c) a good virus that heals
d) a virus that existed in history

a) a type of old record player
b) a type of mathematics graphing
c) relating to structure of populations
d) relating to structure of money

a) government ruled by only two people
b) government by the people of that country
c) government ruled by one dictator
d) a chaotic government

a) to make a law
b) to rule with one leader only
c) to take away a democracy
d) to introduce a democracy into a country

a) study of statistics such as births, deaths, and income
b) study of a people type of government
c) study of graphing math and science
d) study of making maps

a) the practice of getting rid of demons
b) to give to someone
c) get rid of a democracy
d) extract from it's carrier

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