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a) taking a person with special permission
b) getting left behind on a trip
c) taking a person against his or her will
d) a person who adopts

a) something that is not real
b) to fall off a high point
c) something that you can touch, not in your thoughts or ideas
d) not physical but exists in your thoughts or ideas

a) straying away from the law
b) doing something that's not standard
c) doing something that is standard
d) following rules

a) not selfish especially with food or drink
b) someone who is selfish
c) a very mean person
d) being tired of something

a) having no self government in a country or region
b) having a self government in a country or region
c) a democracy
d) no government

a) someone who is very strong
b) the repair of an automobile
c) a healthy person
d) disease caused by antibodies

a) on the bow of the ship
b) in the galley of the ship
c) in or behind the stern of a ship
d) climbing the sails of a ship

a) governed by one person with absolute power
b) governed by many people
c) no government at all
d) governed by only two people

a) an automobile engine part
b) strong heated container used for chemical reactions
c) a weak container make of cheap plastic
d) a type of microscope

a) double cells
b) new cells
c) destruction of cells
d) having no cells

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