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a) authorized or accepted theory, doctrine or practice
b) unauthorized or accepted theory, doctrine or practice
c) a broken law
d) a rule

a) acting like an animal
b) the study of animals
c) humans that practice animal-like behavior
d) behavior appropriate to animals physicall and instinctively

a) a place to get your teeth fixed
b) combination of two triangles
c) the intersection of each corner of square
d) the point of intersection of the three altitudes of a triange

a) human robots
b) animal robots
c) to bring something to life
d) to make something seem still

a) animals that go to heaven
b) bring to life
c) make something frozen
d) a dead animal

a) dental equipment
b) the study of feet
c) an artificial support or brace for limbs or spine
d) a special suit for back injuries

a) branch of medicine dealing with bones or muscles
b) branch of medicine dealing with the heart or lungs
c) branch of medicine dealing with the teeth or tounge
d) branch of medicine dealing with hair or nails

a) technique of making costumes for film or entertainment
b) technique of makeup on actors or actresses for film or entertainment
c) technique of training animals for film or entertainment
d) technique of making lifelike robots for film or entertainment

a) microscopic animals
b) larger than life animals
c) animals with deformities
d) animals that can speak like humans

a) sensative to all visible light except yellow
b) sensative to all visible light except red
c) sensative to all visible light except blue
d) people who are sensative to any light at all

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