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a) study of mammals
b) study of the bird species
c) study of humankind
d) study of felines and canines

a) human characterstics or behaviors given to a god, animal or object
b) when humans morph into gods, animals or birds
c) humans that can morph into any monkey species
d) half human half insect

a) genetics of humans
b) development of the human race
c) development of the human and animal race combined
d) the study of mammals

a) humans are the most important part of existance
b) humans are the least important part of existance
c) humans that believe water and fire are most important
d) humans that believe in morphing into animals

a) cannibalism among animals
b) cannibalism among canines and felines
c) cannibalism among monkeys
d) cannibalism among humans

a) occuring behind the cover of the lungs
b) occuring behind the cover of the liver
c) occuring behind the covering of the abdomen
d) occuring behind the cover of the heart

a) back again
b) somewhere in the middle
c) going forward
d) through a tunnel

a) wrapped around an object
b) touching the ground
c) tilted abnormally forward
d) tilted abnormally backward

a) to go back to an earlier state
b) to go forward in time
c) to fall back into a tunnel or opening in the ground
d) to travel through time

a) state a fact about the future without evidence
b) state a fact about the past without evidence
c) state a fact about the past with evidence
d) state a fact about the future with evidence

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