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What is not a type of sound found in a digital media presentation?
a) analog audio recording
b) Narration - a voice recording
c) Sound Effect – used during transitions/sequences or for effect.
d) Music is used for background sound,

In most weather conditions, sound waves travel through the air at speeds of about
a) 730 miles per hour
b) 620 miles per hour
c) 670 miles per hour
d) 760 miles per hour

Can sound travel through space.
a) yes
b) no

Sound pressure levels (loudness or volume) are measured in
a) amplitude
b) 16 bits for 65,536 levels
c) decibels (dB)
d) 8 bits (1 byte) for 256 levels

The louder the sound, the larger the
a) Amplitude
b) Frequency
c) Hertz
d) The Nyquist Theory

is the power or intensity of the sound.
a) Hertz
b) Amplitude
c) Frequency

What is not true about Frequency?
a) is the rate at which the sound is measured.
b) The higher the frequency, the clearer and sharper the sound
c) is the same as amplitude
d) It is the measure in cycles per second or Hertz (Hz)

Humans are capable of detecting sound vibrations from
a) 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
b) 40 Hz to 40,000 Hz
c) 30 Hz to 30,000

Stereo has
a) one channel
b) two channels
c) three channels
d) 5 channels

When taking analog sounds and transferring them to digital- this is called
a) Transfering
b) converting
c) analog
d) sampling

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