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Nuclear fission occurs when
a) a nucleus divides spontaneously, with no apparent reason
b) electrical forces inside a nucleus overpower nuclear forces
c) we cut nuclei in two with a very small cutting device
d) one nucleus bumps into another cuasing a chain reaction

A benefit to using nuclear fission power is that it
a) supplies a lot of electricity
b) conserves organic fules, likeoil, coal and wood
c) eliminates huge quantities of sulfur oxides, which pollute our air
d) all of the above

Whan a neutron leaves a nucleus, its mass
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) tiples

A graph of nuclear mass per nucleon for all the elements
a) is a straight line
b) is an ever increasing graph
c) starts high, dips, then slowly increases.
d) decrease; increasing

The element with the least mass per nucleon is
a) hydrogen
b) helium
c) iron
d) uranium

The release of energy in nuclear fission is consistent with the fact that uranium has
a) more mass per nucleon than either of the two fragments
b) less mass per nucleon than either of the two fragments
c) has exactly the same mass per nucleon as the two fragments
d) has more mass per nucleon as the two fragments

The energy we get in nuclear reaction comes from
a) the sun
b) energy we put into the reactor
c) water
d) the mass of the fuel

Nuclear fusion releases energy when
a) heavy ions fuse together
b) very light nuclei fuse together
c) uranium splits into two fragments
d) uranium emits a neutron

Nuclear fusion occurs typically in
a) the upper atmosphere
b) uranium mines
c) the sun
d) all of the above

Teh primary fuel for a nuclear fusion reactor is
a) hydrogen
b) helium
c) uranium
d) plutonium

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