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The photoelectric effect is evidence for light's
a) wave nature
b) light is just energy period
c) both wave and particle nature
d) particle nature

The energy of a photon is directly proportional to its
a) period
b) amplitude
c) wavelength
d) frequency

The wavelength of a particle is related to the particles's
a) charges
b) potential energy
c) momentum
d) size

Diffraction effects cannot be measured for
a) baseballs
b) low-frequency light
c) water waves
d) electrons

Electron wavelengths are generally
a) longer than light wavelengths
b) shorter than light wavelengths
c) the same as light wavelengths
d) shorter than light wavelengths

When an atomic electron goes from a hgih emergy ste to a low energy state, it
a) absorbs a photon
b) emits an electron
c) neither absorbs or emits a photon
d) emits a photon

The energy states available to an electron are
a) continuous
b) vary
c) intermitent
d) quantized

The discrete orbits of electrons are best understood by considering the electron\'s
a) particle properties
b) charge
c) quantum properties
d) wave properties

Compared to the innermost electrons of an uranium atom, the innermost electron of a hydrogen atom is
a) closer to the nucleus
b) varies within the atom
c) the same distance from the nucleus
d) farther from the nucleus

Helium is four times as masive as hydrogen. Compared to the size of hydrogen, helium is
a) about 4 times larger
b) smaller
c) about the same size
d) about 2 times larger

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