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What is it called when a person takes material into their mind from the environment?
a) recall
b) classification
c) accomodation
d) assimilation

Which of the following represents that strongest correlation?
a) +.23
b) -.10
c) -.44
d) +.89

Which is NOT a step in the scientific method?
a) test hypothesis
b) gather information
c) revise
d) none of the above

The difference between reality and self-concept is called
a) modeling
b) shaping
c) incongruence
d) behavioral rehearsal

Role playing social situations or behaviors is called
a) behavior rehearsal
b) shaping
c) incongruence
d) modeling

What is it called when a person has consistent fear of a serious disease?
a) phobia
b) hypochondria
c) obsessive compulsive disorder
d) manic depressive illness

Which of the following created the client-centered theory of psychology?
a) Jean Piaget
b) B.F. Skinner
c) Alfred Kinsey
d) Carl Rogers

Hallucinations and delusions are a symptom of which disorder?
a) major depressive disorder
b) schizophrenia
c) obsessive compulsive disorder
d) phobias

Who conducted the Baby Monkey experiment?
a) Jean Piaget
b) Sigmund Freud
c) Mary Ainsworth
d) Harry Harlow

Which of the following studied temperament?
a) Mary Ainsworth
b) Harry Harlow
c) Sigmund Freud
d) John PIaget

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