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Pigs from approximately three weeks until nine weeks old are considered:
a) Farrow
b) Nursery
c) Grower-Finish
d) Market

Pigs from birth until approximately three weeks old are considered:
a) Farrow
b) Nursery
c) Grower-Finish
d) Market

Pigs from approximately nine weeks old until they are approximately 265-275 pounds are considered:
a) Market
b) Nursery
c) Grower-Finish
d) Farrow

Pigs weighing approximately 265 pounds are considered:
a) Farrow
b) Grower-Finish
c) Nursery
d) Market

Sow are placed in individual farrowing pens or stalls because:
a) This protects the piglets from getting crushed by the sow
b) This protects the piglets and workers from the sow's protective nature
c) All of the answers
d) None of the answers

Pigs are put through processing when born and processing includes:
a) Clipping the toe nails
b) Docking the nose
c) Iron Injections
d) Shaving the piglets

If pigs are raised in an outdoor housing facility they are considered:
a) Natural
b) Organic
c) Free-Range
d) Certified

Which state did Mike Rowe visit a pig farm?
a) Illinois
b) Idaho
c) Florida
d) Iowa

There were two breeds shown in the Dirty Jobs episode, which were they?
a) Hampshire and Yorkshire
b) Hampshire and Landrace
c) Yorkshire and Downy
d) Landrace and Downy

Sows give birth to an average of how many piglets per litter?
a) 6-12
b) 8-10
c) 6-10
d) 8-12

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