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Who was the Whig candidate in the 1848 election?
a) Zachary Taylor
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Martin Van Buren
d) William Henry Harrison

What does the word popular sovereignty mean?
a) slavery is not permitted in the new territory
b) slavery is legal in all US states
c) people vote to decide the issue of slavery in states
d) people of a state have no input in the issue of slavery

What document introduced by a Pennsylvania congress banned slavery in the newly acquired land?
a) popular sovereignty
b) Compromise of 1850
c) Wilmont Priviso
d) Kansas-Nebraska Act

Which statement is FALSE?
a) President Zachary Taylor owned a large plantation with more than 100 slaves
b) President Zachary Taylor was against the southern position regarding slavery
c) The Free Soil Party won the Presidential Election of 1848
d) Slavery was the key issue in the Presidential Election of 1848

Who proposed the idea of popular sovereignty?
a) David Wilmont
b) Lewis Cass
c) Martin Van Buren
d) Henry Clay

Which of the following statements if FALSE?
a) If Texas was admitted as a slave state, it would have upset the balance between the North and South.
b) Texas did not become a US state for 10 years.
c) Both Presidents Adams and Jackson offered to purchase Texas from Mexico, but refused.
d) The US added Texas as a state immediately after they gained independence from Mexico in 1836.

What cause the US to declare war on Mexico?
a) the Mexican Army crossed the Nueces River
b) the US Army crossed the Nueces River
c) the US Army crossed the Rio Grande River
d) the Mexican Army crossed the Rio Grande River

What is the reason the US wanted to go to war with Mexico?
a) The US government was angry with Mexico for their attacks against the Texans
b) The US wanted the country to grow, but the Mexican government refused to sell land to the US
c) No reason, the US knew they would win because the Mexican Army was weak
d) If attacked the US would fight!

Which of the following is NOT a part of the Treaty of Guadalupe HIdalgo?
a) US would pay 15 million dollars to Mexico and assume another 3.5 million in debt owed to the US
b) US gained more than a million square miles of territory
c) US and Mexican border was established at the Rio Grande River
d) US government made Texas an official state

How much did the US pay for the strip of land known as the Gadsden Purchase?
a) 25 million dollars
b) 180,000 dollars
c) 10 million dollars
d) nothing, it was given to the US after the War with Mexico

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