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Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes, Cell Organelles. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the following is an example of a prokaryote
a) algae
b) animal
c) bacteria
d) virus

The mitochondria of the cell is responsible for
a) providing energy for the cell
b) doing photosynthesis
c) controlling the genetic information
d) making protein

The organelle that holds all the genetic information is the
a) ribosome
b) nucleus
c) golgi complex
d) endoplasmic reticulum

The part of a cell that regulates what goes in and out of the cell
a) nucleus
b) cytoskeleton
c) cytoplasm
d) cell membrane

This organelle makes protein for the cell
a) ribosome
b) cytoplasm
c) microtubules
d) cell wall

The following are found in the plant cell only
a) cell membrane, chloroplast
b) cell wall, chloroplast
c) vacuole, cell membrane
d) vacuole, cytoplasm

Which pigment is found in the chloroplast
a) carotene
b) green dye
c) chlorophyll
d) starch

Which organelle is used to package and transport objects in the cell
a) nuclues
b) golgi body
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) cytoplasm

These are the hallways or passageways of the cell
a) endoplasmic reticulum
b) golgi bodies
c) ribosome
d) vacuole

This organelle disposes of cell waste while this organelle stores for the cell
a) lysosome, ribosome
b) ribosome, vacuole
c) lysosome, vacuole
d) lysosome, mitochondria

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