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Who coined the phrase "Manifest Destiny"?
a) John O'Sullivan
b) John Q. Adams
c) Joseph Smith
d) Lewis and Clark

Who moved the Mormons from Illinois to Salt Lake City?
a) Joseph Smith
b) Brigham Young
c) Henry Clay
d) Andrew Jackson

Which word means the movement of people within the US?
a) expansion
b) annexation
c) migration
d) assimulation

Where did the trails west begin?
a) different places, depending on where the trails were going
b) South Pass
c) Independence, Missouri
d) Freedom, Arkansas

Which battle marked the beginning of the Texans war with Mexico?
a) Alamo
b) Gonzales
c) Goliad
d) San Jacinto

Who won the battle at the Alamo?
a) neither side, it was a stalemate
b) Texan Army easily defeated the Mexican Army
c) Mexican Army
d) Texan Army surrendered before the battle was over

What did Santa Anna give the Texans in exchange for his release from prison?
a) money (12 million dollars)
b) promise to end fighting
c) nothing, he escaped
d) freedom

Why is Texas called the "Lone Star State"?
a) Texas was the first US state
b) Texas was the first state west of the Mississippi River
c) Texas was a republic and not part of the US
d) Texas was a part of the country of Mexico

Who became the first president of the Republic of Texas?
a) Santa Anna
b) Sam Houston
c) Stephen Austin
d) Ralph Dallas

What is the best definition for annexation?
a) to join a new territory becoming a state
b) to break away from a territory
c) to attach to a larger territory
d) to take over a territory

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