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A mature female swine is known as:
a) Cow
b) Sow
c) Calf
d) Gilt

A mature male swine is known as:
a) Boar
b) Barrow
c) Bull
d) Wether

What is a wether?
a) Castrated male swine
b) Castrated male goat
c) Castrated male cattle
d) Castrated male poultry

The agriculture products from swine are?
a) Eggs/meat
b) Milk/cheese
c) Pork
d) Chevon/Cabrito

A Heifer is a young female cattle that:
a) Has not given birth
b) Has given birth
c) Will soon give birth
d) Will never give birth

A castrated male cattle is known as:
a) Barrow
b) Bull
c) Wether
d) Steer

The black and white spotted cow on the back of Ms. Shivar's door is what breed:
a) Hampshire
b) Yorkshire
c) Holstein
d) Hereford

A young female sheep is known as:
a) Heifer
b) Ewe Lamb
c) Doe Kid
d) Pullet

A castrated male poultry is known as:
a) Pullet
b) Poult
c) Capon
d) Rooster

A mature male goat is known as:
a) Wether
b) Ram
c) Buck
d) Bull

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