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A group of cells working together is called a ........
a) organ
b) organism
c) tissue
d) organ system

Which is the correct organization level of life?
a) organ, organ systems, tissues, cells
b) tissue, cells, organ, organ system, organism
c) organism, cells, tissue, organ system, organ
d) cells, tissue, organ, organ systems, organism

The process of becomming more specifically oriented for a particular function
a) specialization
b) replication
c) maturation
d) differentiation

The smallest unit of life
a) DNA
b) cell
c) organ system
d) gene

This is the control center of the cell
a) nucleus
b) ribosome
c) golgi complex
d) endoplasmic reticulum

Which of the following is NOT part of the cell theory
a) cells spontaneously generate
b) the cell is the basic unit of life
c) all cells are made of one or more cells
d) all cells come from existing cells

Cells were unknown until .....
a) the telescope was invented by Galileo
b) the microscope was invented by Hooke
c) The spring scale was invented by Ptolemy
d) the balance was created by Newton

A group of cells that can live on its own
a) organic
b) organelle
c) organ system
d) organism

A group of organs working together is called
a) organ system
b) tissue
c) organelle
d) organism

Prokaryotes, unlike Eukaryotes, do not have ......
a) bacteria
b) organelles
c) dna
d) a nucleus

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