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if a loop of wire moves in and out of a magnetic field____ is produced
a) voltage
b) current
c) force
d) charge

a ______ transofrmer is used near homes to achieve a voltage of120V
a) step up
b) step down
c) primary coil
d) secondary coil

the magnetism of a piece of magnetized iron can be weakened by
a) heating and hammering theiron
b) placing it near unmagnetized iron
c) bending the iron
d) none of the answers are correct

what instrument is used to trace the direction of a magnetic field
a) lodestone
b) limestone
c) compass
d) transformer

what material was used to make the first compass
a) lodestone
b) limestone
c) iron
d) steel

magnetic fields are produced by
a) electric charges
b) electric currents
c) gravity
d) water currents

groups of atoms that align to form small, magnetized regions in a material are
a) geographic domains
b) magnetic field lines
c) magnetic domains
d) magnetic poles

An example of naturally occurring magnetic rock is
a) lodestone
b) soapstone
c) limestone
d) peastone

when the loop of wire in an AC generator rotates halfway
a) the current reverses
b) the current continues in the same direction
c) electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy
d) maximum current is reached

a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
a) generator
b) step up transformer
c) step down transformer
d) inductor

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