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the north pole of one magnet will be attracted to
a) another north pole
b) a south pole
c) the middle of the magnet
d) all

magnetic force
a) is strongest near a magnet's poles
b) is a field force
c) acts at a distance
d) all of the answers are correct

pushing a loop of wire through a magnetic field requires work. The greater the magnetic field
a) the stronger the force required to push the loop through the magnetic field
b) the less the force required to push the loop through the magnetic field
c) the less will be the electromagnetic induction
d) the more the loop will rotate

generators convert
a) mechanical energy to electrical energy
b) electrical energy to mechanical energy
c) chemical energy to electrical energy
d) electrical energy to chemical energy

when a wire is moving parallel to a magnetic field
a) no current is induced in the wire
b) maximum current is induced in the wire
c) the same current is induced as if it were perpendicular to the field
d) an alternating current is induced

the north poles of two different magnets will ____ one another
a) attract
b) repel
c) cancel
d) none of the above

earth's magnetic field lines run from
a) magnetic north to mangentic south
b) geographic east to geographic west
c) geographic south to geographic north
d) magnetic east to magnetic west

a device that produces a magnetic field by wrapping a wire into a coil is a
a) bar magnet
b) pole
c) solenoid
d) domain

increasing the number of coils in a solenoid or an electromagnet results in a _____ magnetic field
a) weaker
b) stronger
c) perpendicular
d) parallel

a solenoid with a soft iron core is called
a) bar magnet
b) electromagnet
c) solenoid
d) pole

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