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In areas where the lithosphere is being pulled apart, the crust
a) folds and crumples into mountains
b) breaks into blocks seperated by faults
c) slides down into the mantle
d) develops a subduction zone

When two plates carrying continental crust collide, the rock of the continents
a) folds
b) melts
c) expands
d) stretches

The movement of huge blocks of rock along a fault can produce
a) lava plugs
b) volcanoes
c) fault block mountains
d) folded mountains

Volcanoes in the Ring of Fire are supplied with magma rising from
a) spreading centers
b) hot spots
c) rift valleys
d) subduction zones

Before magma erupts it collects under a volcano in a
a) caldera
b) crater
c) vent
d) chamber

The explosiveness of a volcanic eruption depends mostly on the_____ of the magma.
a) gas content
b) silica content
c) amount
d) temperature

The type of magma erupting from a volcano determines the volcano's
a) size
b) age
c) shape
d) location

Volcanic ash can be carried thousands of kilometers from an eruption by
a) lava flows
b) pyroclastic flows
c) landslides
d) winds

In a volcanic region, water moving through the ground gets__by magma or hot rock.
a) melted
b) dissolved
c) heated
d) erupted

Pyroclastic flow is made of all except
a) ash
b) cinders
c) blocks
d) magma

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