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In which situation is an object NOT at equilibrium?
a) when the forces on it are balanced
b) when it is slowing down
c) when it is at rest
d) when it is moving at a constant speed in a straight line

Which would you expect to have the greatest amount of friction
a) a smooth surface on a smooth surface
b) a rough surface and air
c) a rough surface on a rough surface
d) a smooth surface on a rough surface

When would a person most likely want INCREASED friction?
a) when the person is sliding down a slide
b) when the person is swimming in a race
c) when the person carries glasses on a tray
d) when the person operates machinery with moving parts

When would a person MOST LIKELY use a lubricant?
a) when using an electric drill
b) when washing steps on a porch
c) when preparing a rink for use by skaters
d) when freezing ice cubes

Why are people advised to drive more slowly when it is raining?
a) Wet tires may make it difficult for cars to reach normal speeds.
b) The friction between tires and the road is increased.
c) Cars might stop too quickly and without warning.
d) The friction between tires and the road is decreased.

The same force is used to push two boxes across a floor. The mass of Box P is double the mass of Box Q. What is the relationship between the acceleration of the two boxes?
a) Box Q’s acceleration is two times greater than Box P’s acceleration.
b) The two boxes have about the same acceleration.
c) Box P’s acceleration is a little greater than Box Q’s acceleration.
d) Box Q’s acceleration is four times greater than Box P’s acceleration.

A soccer ball is rolled across four different surfaces with the same force. Which surface will SLOW the movement of the soccer ball the most?
a) grassy field
b) cement sidewalk
c) tile floor
d) paved road

What happens if balanced forces are applied to a moving object?
a) The object stops moving.
b) he object moves slower in the same direction.
c) The object keeps moving at the same speed and direction.
d) The object moves faster in the same direction.

Which surface produces the LEAST amount of friction?
a) grassy soccer field
b) bumpy new carpet
c) rocky gravel road
d) smooth ceramic tile

Two teams are playing tug-of-war. How can Team A win the tug-of-war game?
a) Team A pulls with a greater force than Team B.
b) Team B pulls with a greater force than Team A.
c) Team A pulls with a lesser force than Team B.
d) Team A and Team B pull with the same amount of force, but Team A players use a looser grip.

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